“Eric has the ability to diagnose deficiencies in a swing like no-one else. I call him ‘The Swing Doctor.”

Ray Collins


“Eric was amazing. In just 1 hour my son and I were fixing swinging issues we didn’t know we had. Thank you Eric and see you soon.”

Fausto Callava


“Eric combines a rare knowledge of world-class tennis strokes with a unique ability to communicate what he understands in simple terms. His coaching has helped me to learn the optimal way to strive to hit each shot.”

Joseph Bartel


I’ve known Coach Eric for years and he’s a great coach. Experienced, passionate, and knowledgeable.

Dr. Bob Neff, founder of Mental Training Inc.


“I have been playing tennis for 19 years, and for the past several years I was stuck at the same level. Eric’s thorough analysis and ability to implement new technical aspects raised my game a notch after the first session, and I continue to see steady improvements. His knowledge and passion for the game of tennis is reflected in his coaching, which has not only helped perfect my strokes, but also made me a better strategic player.”

Morthen Neilsen


“I went to Coach Eric as a beginning player. He has a gift for breaking down tennis strokes to the simplest terms which results in a fail-safe way to learn the game. He has endless patience and is very encouraging. Not only has he taught me technique but also how to be confident on court. Be warned though…his passion for the game is highly contagious.”

Hilary McMahon, Ireland


“As we planned our vacation to Siesta Key, my mom discovered Eric online and thought he could help me with my game. Eric started by overviewing my whole game and quickly noticed a few things about my forehand, backhand, and serve that many coaches have overlooked for years. He prepared a very detailed follow up about my game which pinpointed the specific areas that I needed to improve on to go from an “almost” player to a much better one. Eric had also mapped out a 90 day plan of action of how I could improve my game once I was back home. Everything he told me was helpful and conveyed in a positive and attentive manner. Having 2 privates with Eric truly made the trip because it was great to have input from a new coach and he gave great advice to take back home. We wish Eric was in Chicago so he could continue to coach me!”

Vanessa Sunta


“Coach Eric worked with me a couple of years ago when I was in FL visiting. The other day, I came across his follow-up email recapping the techniques we had worked on. I was amazed to see how many of his suggestions I have now put into my everyday game: my grip, forehand stroke and serve toss are based on Eric’s teaching. And it came from only a couple of hours of instruction. He knows his stuff and teaches it well.”

Keith Pietsch


“Eric presented things in a way that was easy to do and easy to understand. I’m not going to lie and say everything was a piece of cake; it was a lot of hard work, but it was so worth it. Eric, thank you so much. I couldn’t have
come as far as I have without you.”

Jordan Jenkins


“We were searching for a warm getaway (from Canada) to play some tennis and for some R&R. After narrowing my research to four cities in FL and then six coaches, I chose Eric. He spent a lot of time upfront listening to our objectives and designing a specific agenda and schedule. During our time there, he performed a full analysis of all of our strokes and patiently worked with us focusing on particular strokes. Bottom line – Eric is a premier coach and well worth his rates. We strongly recommend him!”

Nad Balata


“Eric is an excellent high-level, high performance coach for players or parents who are seeking to support their children’s development for college or professional level tennis. Eric incorporates video recording into lessons and juxtaposes video with existing professional players perfect swings which provides a visual image of where the student has inefficiencies or is creating ball control problems in their different swings. Eric has perfected this type of visual demonstration which significantly accelerates player awareness of their strokes and body position which ultimately speeds up player development. He has an excellent work ethic and is 110% committed to his students’ individual development. He also tends to their footwork and mental components of the game. Anyone who has the pleasure of working with Eric will leave a significantly improved and aware tennis player. Eric thanks for your commitment to excellence!”

Scott Barrett


“I believe your coaching resulted in new highs for my game.”

Wayne Osher


“Eric conducted detailed analysis of my child’s playing and identified technical errors. He shoots helpful videos with follow up comments after every practice. His advice prompted us to change both coach and tennis club right on time. We are grateful that we met you, Eric!”

Maxim Bitunov


“We were on vacation and the coach we had hired for the week had a medical emergency and couldn’t teach. Eric graciously agreed to fit my daughter in at the last minute at 7am! After the first lesson with him, it was obvious this is the coach all young players need to see! Our daughter played for many years as a child but hadn’t played through high school but wanted to tryout for her college tennis team. After a week with Eric her game advanced as much as players who never took time off. We are planning to take our younger daughter to see him this winter. Highly recommend Eric. Excellent coach and person!”

Anita Brak


Eric is great with developing juniors with proper tennis techniques. He’s detail oriented with filming and following up with critiques after each lesson that help them learn in an exponential manner.

Linh Blagden


“Coach Eric’s continued dedication to his craft and students growth is exceptional . In a crowded marketplace filled with a lot of Pros that are just going through the motions, Eric stands out as a detail oriented, caring, smart and fun Professional. If you want an experienced Coach and a wonderful experience learning Tennis, contact him right away.”

Ron Casados


“Eric is the best! In addition to exceptional coaching and a great eye, Eric knows how to mix it up and have fun! I worked with him for six hours and he taught me, as an adult beginner, many critical components of top level swings. My game seriously improved. One unique aspect of his coaching is his experience with video. With a nice tripod and his phone, Eric records your swing and then quickly analyzes it with you on the court. Additionally, Eric will send you suggestions to improve, with video, to practice on your own. I highly recommend Champion Tennis Swings!!!”

Abe Reese


“I took a lesson with Eric while I was in Sarasota from out of town and it was undoubtedly the best tennis instruction I’ve ever received. Eric went above and beyond and exceeded any expectations I had. He was incredibly knowledgeable and had an amazing knack for delivering a message in a clear, positive, and encouraging manner. After our lesson, he followed up with great tips and video analysis (I was in from out of town, he didn’t have to do it….). Eric’s passion for tennis and life are infectious and I would highly recommend a session with Eric to anyone looking to improve their game. I’ve been traveling to Sarasota since I was a kid and it stinks that I only recently met Eric. I’ll never travel to the Sarasota area again without getting together with Eric. Choosing to take lessons from Eric will be a decision you’ll never regret.”

Matt Sylvester


“Eric Tate is a professional. He understands tennis and the tennis player from the inside out. He has great observational skills enabling him to find places where your game can improve. He respects your level of performance but helps you raise that level, in partnership with your own desire.”

Dan Anthion


“Eric is everything that any student could ask for, from helping with motivation to the physical and technical skills of tennis, he perfects each category. A coach who also connects with his clientele on a down to earth personal level, and offering advice on things not even relating with tennis. Eric truly improved my tennis skills in the span of 2 months, but also helped motivate me to achieve more. His quick analysis on the court and off the court through videos exemplifies his dedicated care for his students and the game itself. His patience for others is one of also many factors that would make me recommend him to anybody, even if the drive is 45 minutes away.”

Lowell Pioquinto


“I was coming to Sarasota for work and wanted a tennis lesson while I was there. I did a search online and found Eric, and I’m really glad I did. Eric is an excellent coach and I learned a lot during the lesson. He is able to explain things in a way that makes it easy to understand how to improve your technique. He’s also willing to film you if you’d like, so that you can see what you need to work on. I found it very helpful to review the videos during the lesson and then work on the necessary adjustments. Unfortunately since I don’t live in Sarasota, I’m not able to take lessons from him on a regular basis. But I will definitely book with him again next time I’m in town. Very much looking forward to coming back, and I give Eric an A++ recommendation for anyone looking to improve their game.”

Jess S.


“Eric has been very professional with his coaching, and love to help other tennis players improve their game. He took videos of our rallies and worked in detail the little tweaks I needed to improve my forehand. While I trained with Eric very briefly, I have improved the most with him. I would highly suggest his coaching to other tennis players, he is very patient, uplifting, candid, and professional.”

Malivai Razafimandimby


“Eric is a top-notch instructor. He is committed to teaching solid techniques. He really cares about helping you to develop a love of tennis and great practice ethic.”

Jennifer Stone-Levine


“Eric did exactly what I wanted him to in order that my game should become my own. Technical tips came at the right time. The best benefit I received was live ball experience with a very competent ball striker. Again I appreciated his not over coaching my individual style. I plan on availing myself of his excellent Tennis skills in the future.
Thank you Eric!”

Dan Whitaker


“My daughter and I had our first of a series of lessons with Eric today. He was a wonderful instructor…professional, skilled, patient, fun and kind. We are very excited to continue learning to play tennis with him!”

Kimberly Caruthers


Eric has a great eye, and can pick up things in my game that need attention very quickly. He can offer solid, practical advice for improvement. He is kind and considerate, his advice is encouraging and positive. I am looking forward to improving my play.

Robert Cook


“Eric is one of the few pros that can actually play amazing tennis himself. He is also very kind and always thinks about how he can help his students get better. I highly recommend Eric as both aa teaching pro as well as an amazing player.”

Mike Kim


“Eric has made a profound impact to my tennis game and to my personal life. As a former aspiring collegiate/pro tennis player, I can tell that Eric genuinely cares for his students and is passionate in seeing his students improve their tennis games at any cost. His tennis coaching ability is top-notch and his life coaching skills and values are those of which I will take into my professional career as well. I highly recommend him.”

Christopher Yuen

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