High Level Jr Training

If you are pursuing a goal of playing high level junior, collegiate or pro tennis and would like me to help, you need to bring a high level of professionalism/commitment to our training. We will review this together.


+Arrive 15 minutes early

+Have a towel, sufficient water, and a replacement racket if your strings break

+Be warmed up and ready to start on time

+Have your cell phone put away the entire session unless you have vital communication to make with your parent/guardian

+Have clearly written out 3yr, 1yr, 90-day goals that you have in your bag for us to review if/when necessary (I will help you with forming goals appropriate for your level and training)

+Bring a notepad to jot down thoughts, coaching comments


+Show courtesy to other students when you arrive, greeting them, introducing yourself

+Talk to your parents in a respectful manner (not demanding things from them) and showing gratitude for their time (driving you, paying for your lessons for your dreams, etc.)

+Pick up after yourself (trash and recyclables)


+Be prepared to give a level five effort (1-5)

+Be prepared to be coach-able (be pushed, listen to things repetitively, do mundane repetition if necessary, etc.)

+Let me know at the start of our session if something is going on physically, mentally, or emotionally that will keep you from being coach-able and giving your best effort

+Demonstrate through your effort, responsiveness, and attitude that you are fully engaged in getting the most out of our session

+Bring a ‘partnership’ mentality to our sessions by giving feedback on how a stroke change feels and adding your thoughts on what you think you need to work on or need help with

+Do your fair share of picking up balls without being asked


+Take full responsibility for managing your effort and attitude

+Initiate practicing and setting up matches in between sessions

In Between Sessions…

+Work diligently to reinforce what we are working on in court

+Have a sensible (age, schedule, needs) physical training program that you are following through on


+Discuss any changes to your game with me

+Keep me informed about tournament entries

+Talk to me if something in my style of coaching is frustrating you and you would like me to adjust something to better suit you and your needs (I will always be open to feedback)

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