Initial Game Review

Initial Game Review

My first session with you is a review. It’s like taking your car in for a full inspection. I’ll check your grips, sets, drops, transfers, etc.. The more advanced a player you are and the higher your aspirations, the more detailed my analysis.


If you are just starting out, my goal in the first session is to give you an overview that will give you the basics on grips, swing patterns, and point construction. What’s great about this is that, whether we do additional sessions or not, you will have a foundation of knowledge. You’ll recognize what we discussed in the pro players you see on TV and have this frame of reference to evaluate other coaching tips.


At this level, you’ve likely been playing many years. Perhaps you’re in a league or on a high school team. You’d like to bump things up to the next level, and you need someone to sort through all the tips you’ve gotten over the years and give it to you clear and straight. In this session, I’ll review your strokes and evaluate how you put points together in some live ball hitting and give you specific recommendations and a 90-Day Improvement Plan.

Advanced (College Level/Pro Level)

You’ve trained for thousands upon thousands of hours in your tennis life, if you’re at this level. Still, technical flaws, footwork issues, missed opportunities tactically, and mental restraints need to be identified with practical solutions. In the Initial Review, we’ll go through all aspects of your game (technical, physical, tactical, mental), and pinpoint what you need to do to get to the next level.

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