Pick ONE Stroke that Gives You Problems, and I’ll Show You EXACTLY How to Make It 20% Better or Your Lesson is FREE!

Sarasota Florida Tennis Lessons | Siesta Key Florida Tennis Lessons

“Eric combines a rare knowledge of world-class tennis strokes with a unique ability to communicate what he understands in simple terms.”
Joseph Bartel, Sarasota, FL

Sarasota Tennis Players and Visitors,

In Sarasota Tennis circles, people know me as a coach who excels in helping highly motivated players to identify technical issues with their strokes and to provide video, pictures and notes on exactly how to improve it. Is it worth it?


Well, let’s put it this way, if Roger Federer reduced his serve technique by 20%, he would drop out of the Top 100! So, if it matters that much to him, it matters when you’re competing with your Sarasota tennis pals or your tennis pals back home.

My style is positive, friendly, focused and thorough. And here’s my promise: If at the end of a lesson, you’re not clearer than you’ve ever been on how to improve a stroke that has frustrated you by 20% – your lesson is free!

I can accommodate Sarasota tennis players in several locations for your convenience.

Look forward to hearing from you. Let’s get your game to the next level!

Warm regards, Eric

P.S. Of course I will evaluate and discuss tactics, footwork and mindset, too. I leave no stone unturned to help my students. 🙂

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