How to Enjoy Yourself More and Finally Play the Tennis You’re Capable Of Playing – End the Frustration and Struggle!

Sarasota Florida Tennis Lessons | Siesta Key Florida Tennis Lessons

“Eric combines a rare knowledge of world-class tennis strokes with a
unique ability to communicate what he understands in simple terms.”
Joseph Bartel

Welcome to Fellow Tennis Enthusiast!

There’s nothing like stepping up to the line to play knowing you can execute your shots at a high quality level. It makes the game fun. The opposite is obviously demoralizing – errors, uncertainty, and nerves. It’s the pits, and you don’t have to settle for it.

My specialty is helping players to implement key elements of top-level strokes, footwork, tactics and mental skills – in a simple, enjoyable, progressive manner.


  • Parents of juniors wanting to make sure their kids’ tennis is on track
  • Adult players who are confused on what will improve their games
  • College-Pro players looking for refinements and a ranking breakthrough


  • Stroke video analysis
  • Comprehensive game review
  • Full player development system (mindset, goals, tracking, etc.)

If you’re just starting the game, my number one insight that I can give you is to learn high-level fundamentals from the start. For those of you who have been at this a while, we can identify what is breaking down in your game and finally get it handled.

Look forward to hearing from you and helping you realize your next playing level.

Warm regards, Eric

P.S. Please inquire for Sarasota tennis lessons or Siesta Key tennis lessons.


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