“He knows his stuff and teaches it well.”
Keith Pietsch (Minneapolis, MN)

Initial Game Review:

In our first session, I do a complete review of your game. If you are a beginner, this means an introduction to ‘the guts’ of world-class strokes and setting you on a solid path. If you have been playing for a while, I will analyze your game thoroughly, and give you specific suggestions on what changes to make and why. My fee for this is $85, however, if, after this initial review you pay for a package of 8 lessons or more, I give it to you for FREE.

Individual Sessions:

If we decided to work with each other beyond the Initial Game Review, we will set specific improvement goals and work towards them diligently. What we focus on will be based on the number of sessions you anticipate taking, frequency, goals, and obviously what needs attention in your game the most. My standard fee is $75 per session. However, I reduce it to $65 for 4-8 lessons and $55 for those taking 12 lessons or more.

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