Do you work with all types of students?
If you’re a positive, coachable, committed player, we’ll make a good match. I’ve worked with all levels and people as young as four up to people in their 80s, beginners to pro level players. My real passion is working with very enthusiastic singles players.

Your prices are less than most club fees for lessons when I sign up for a package. Why do you not charge more?
This is for two reasons. One, a club pro splits the lesson fees with the club. I simply pass this savings on to you. Could I charge as much? Sure. There are coaches who know much less than I do who, because of their club name or playing background charge more. But I have found that the bulk of people cannot afford to take too many lessons at these high rates. I don’t want to only be accessible to rich people.

How long will it take to see results?
In our first session, I will give you an overview of what, from my perspective, needs to change to play better tennis. Among these insights, I’ll list my Top 3 for you to focus on in the short-term to get the quickest results. If we work together long-term, we will be looking for a steady increase of your technique and your actual playing level – meaning more consistency, accuracy, and power. As with anything, what you put into it is what you get out of it, so you’re advise to take my insights and work at them on your own, too. I teach in a way where you learn to be able to self-correct.

You seem to emphasize technique. Is that all you address with your students?
Definitely not. When I work with a player, I look at them as a whole, but if their strokes are inefficient, correcting these issues is my priority. As competency is gained, we look at how points are constructed and discuss ways to move more dynamically.

You state that you only work with a handful of students. Why is that?
The number one reason is that I’m a full-time father to a seven-year old girl, and she is my first priority. In addition, I have a myriad of life interests and endeavors. This includes writing and filming my ‘Laugh and Learn Tennis’ video series. Finally, I prefer to give quality attention to a handful of people rather than churn and burn.

Where will I come for lessons?
You will come to my residence on Siesta Key for tennis lessons where I have coached people from around the world for over ten years. It’s a beautiful setting.

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